Fair Warning. This post is incredibly gushy.

Wendy Colonna here. . .

If I wasn’t close friends with and didn’t share a band with Noelle Hampton & Andre Moran, one could easily peg me for a stalker fan of their amazing project, The Belle Sounds. I know it’s probably politically terrible of me to share this, but The Belle Sounds are my FAVORITE BAND in Austin, TX. . .

Along with Emily Shirley on keys, Nathan Harlan (also bandleader of The Big Fix) on bass (I was a stalker fan of his old band Endochine in the early 2000’s as they were my then favorite band in Austin) and Jim Echels on drums, Noelle & Andre have created a soundscape that is pretty much my number one go to when I’m having a meltdown, want a pick me up, wish to feel whole, need soothing and just plain want to sing along.  This band does it all.

If I stayed at your house in 2014 while on tour in the US (probably about 40 of you) you received their most recent EP, “Black Stone” with Holiday greetings at the end of the year.

There was this one summer when I had the mixes for Black Stone (5 songs, about 20 minutes) and I listened on repeat pretty much the entire summer. I probably played “Ghost of Mykonos” a hundred thousand times that summer.

So, enough about my stalker fan-dom. I just can’t say enough good things about this band. The songwriting is perfection. The harmonies and vocal arrangements are so intricate, perfectly performed and incredibly unique. And, as my eleven year old pal, Emmy enthusiastically exclaims “you just can’t help yourself from singing along!!!!!”

I consider myself lucky. I would follow this band to the ends of the earth and sometimes I have to pinch myself knowing they are my friends and bandmates. It’s so surreal.  They deliver me to a place of serenity and deep love that no one else ever has. I adore this band.

So, if that’s not enough. They are really freaking nice! And they put on an amazing show.

I’m thrilled that we will be hosting them at Tips Concerts next Friday.  If you haven’t RSVP‘d, you really should, Austin residents.  They are gonna slay it!


Also, if you can’t make it to the show in person, you can join online and view on Concert Window!

Go to their website. Give them your money. Get yourself a dose of this perfect musical soul-salve. www.thebellesounds.com

No excuses! Belle Sounds made easy! Get you some!