Happy Holidays!


Early stages remodeling Tips

We are so glad that you have joined us in the Tips Concerts Community this year! Who would’ve guessed last winter when I moved that little vintage camper to Mark Addison’s property that so much magic could have happened in just a year!

In 2016 we hosted nine great evenings of music from some of Austin’s most beloved artists! Thanks to The Hot Nut Riveters, The Belle Sounds, Nakia, Ray Prim, Suzanna Choffel, Jess Klein, Barbara Nesbitt, Noelle Hampton & Andre Moran, Erin Ivey, Dan Dyer, Guy Forsyth, Brian Pounds and The South Austin Moonlighters for taking a chance on Tips Concerts!

Five of our 2016 performers went on to win major grants from Austin’s finest patron-based music nonprofit, Black Fret. Congrats to Suzanna, Nakia, Ray, Dan & heck, I was also fortunate to receive this distinct honor!

We’re excited to get started booking 2017 Tips Concerts and we are looking for your input.


Our goals are twofold:

  1. We want to to create a unique, outdoor listening experience for music lovers in Austin who enjoy intimate shows with great artists.
  2. We want to fill the space to capacity giving our artists a fulfilling payday in Austin.

What we have discovered is that artists who have an established fan-base do well at Tips and when we pair artists “in the round” and in opening/headliner format with different fan-bases we tend to succeed at reaching both goals.   This said, We intend to do full band shows with emerging artists as openers and “in the round” shows a plenty in 2017.

If you have suggestions for artists you feel would be a good fit for this format please let us know!



Guy Forsyth & The Hot Nut Riveters Return


Doug Freeman came out to Tips to interview Wendy & Mark
about how they are addressing the obstacles Austin musicians are facing.

If you have attended shows in the past and have suggestions for how we can improve your listening or performing experience, please feel free to share!

We will also be looking for about 3 volunteers for each show so if you’re tight on cash and want to attend and help out, there’s room for you!! We will start including volunteer sign-up forms on each show invitation moving forward.

Thank you so much for being  a part of our growing community

We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at a show in spring 2017!

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers and helpers! Billy Masters for doing great sound, Ryan Doty for helping film and stream some of the shows for Concert Window, Mandy Millican & Michelle Ray for hosting in my absence,  Steve Gallion, Jessie O’Connell,  Mark Fradl for help with EVERYTHING & Brandon and Mel DeMaris.  And a special thanks to everyone who volunteered time to help us build the deck and roof.  THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

Wendy and Mark
Wendy Colonna  & Mark Addison
Tips Concerts

Send Us Your Suggestions!