About six weeks after our first show at Tips Concerts, The Austin Chronicle came out to interview Wendy & Mark about the state of the music industry in Austin and how they feel Tips Concerts and the musician community living out near the Aerie Recording Studio on Mark’s property were born of the “We Can’t Make It Here Anymore” financial crisis Austin musicians are facing.  And that James McMurtry song title is also the title of the article.  Read it HERE.

We were so honored to be a part of the article and make the cover shot for the piece.

Many thanks to Doug Freeman for bringing this article to life.

If you’re wondering what the growth of Austin is doing to our scene, it’s a really informative read that puts a voices and faces to the statistics of the recent studies done.  It’s a real thing and it’s not just 20 year old new-comers who are being affected. Veteran top-of-the-scene artists towing the line of Austin’s rich musical heritage like Guy Forsyth and Jon Dee Graham share powerful perspective into the sad situation.

Please give the article a read and tip an Austin musician. Even the top acts in town are struggling to find a solution. We love Austin and want to continue to thrive in the Live Music Capital!